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Shipping & Handling

Regions/Countries Shipping partner Fee(per item) Estimated
USA FEDEX STANDARD 9.90 € 5-6 working days
Germany, Spain DHL STANDARD 5.90 €  4-8 working days
Austria, Belgium, France, England, Holland DHL STANDARD 6.90 €  4-8 working days
Croatia, Estonia, Ireland, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary DHL STANDARD 7.90 €  4-8 working days
Denmark, Latvia, Finland, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden DHL STANDARD 8.90 €  4-8 working days
Luxembourg, Portugal DHL STANDARD 9.90 €  4-8 working days
Greece DHL EXPRESS 10.90 € 2-3 working days
Bulgaria DHL STANDARD 10.90 €  4-8 working days
Malta DHL STANDARD 14.90 €  4-8 working days
Russia BOXBERRY 15.00 € 10 days
Australia, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia DHL EXPRESS 34.90 € 4-5 working days
Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia DHL EXPRESS 29.90 € 4-5 working days
Canada DHL EXPRESS 19.90 € 2-3 working days

After receiving your order and payment. We will process shipping for your order. The system will automatically check the warehouses near your location and are available for shipping.

We currently support order and shipping with orders to the EUROPA, United States, Canada and Australia and many other countries.

Our shipping partners include Fedex, DHL and UPS

The total value of payment for the order including shipping costs, VAT (if any). You do not have to pay any extra fee on delivery

After our staff has created the shipping form, you can receive detailed instructions of shipping status by email or through the account management section on

Our shipping partners will ensure the integrity of the product and deliver it to the address you ordered.


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